Chicago Pneumatic Compaction Equipment – Forward Asphalt Compactors

Ohicago Pneumatic asphalt plate compactors are ideal for asphalt applications that require a rugged workhorse for uninterrupted production. Used to compact asphalt for parking lots, bike paths, pothole repair and other demanding applications where the compaction of asphalt is required.

Detachable water tank - Water tank lifts off easily so there’s no need to move the entire unit to a water source for refills. Large opening also makes it easy to refill.

Easy to maneuver - The lighter weight and smaller size make these units easy to turn and maneuver in a range of applications. Optional transport wheels make it easy for one person to move the unit around.

Consistent performance -= Our units deliver high centrifugal force and feature a V-belt ventilation system for efficient operation.

High tech adjustable water delivery system - Unique system puts down a trail of water unlike any other in the industry. The valve control on top of the water tank allows the operator to control the flow of water.

Quality bottom plate - The high-quality bottom plate is designed to eliminate asphalt pick-up. It also allows for good water distribution and consistent speed on the asphalt.

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Chicago Pneumatic Compaction Equipment – Forward Asphalt Compactors

Manufacturer: Chicago Pneumatic

PBE Group carries the Chicago Pneumatic line of compaction equipment - Rammers, Soil Compactors, Asphalt Compactors, Duplex Roller, Trench Compactors


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