Chicago Pneumatic Compaction Equipment – Rammers/Tampers

Our new MS 595 and MS 695 tampers range is built to address productivity and manoeuvrability challenges in compaction tasks. Our new range, its most compact and lightweight range of earth rammers in our 100 year history, provides users with powerful, highly maneuverable tampers plus, the addition of a new 6” plate model, alongside the 9 and 11” models, allows for work to be carried out in smaller, more enclosed spaces, providing greater comfort and productivity.

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Chicago Pneumatic Compaction Equipment – Rammers/Tampers

Manufacturer: Chicago Pneumatic

PBE Group carries the Chicago Pneumatic line of compaction equipment - Rammers, Soil Compactors, Asphalt Compactors, Duplex Roller, Trench Compactors


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