Hydrema 906E / 908E / 926E / 928E Series Backhoe Loaders

The best working environment : Based on a careful study the 900E series’ spacious cabin is designed and developed to ensure you the best possible working environment and maximum safety.
The noise level is low – from only 66 dB (A) in the 906E–908E, which is equivalent to the noise level in a medium-sized car. This contributes to a comfortable and productive working environment throughout a long working day.

Easy on your back: It’s a fact that quality suspension reduces fatigue and wear. Therefore the 906E and 908E cabin is rubber-suspended to reduce the vibration and noise level in the cabin. For added comfort, the 926E-928E cabin has a spring suspension system with self-levelling and stabilising bars. The suspension’s positive effect is especially clear when driving fast on and off road. The vibrations are dampened as much as possible by fluid-filled silent blocks.

User-friendly operation: The 900E series has clear and user-friendly keypad panels in the A and B pillars. The user-firendly Windows-based instrument display with a 6.4” flat screen gives the driver ample information. The computer has data acquisition, a hire menu and diagnostic tools.
When the seat is turned from driving to digging position, the steering wheel automatically tilts up and returns to the previous setting when the driver is back in the driving position.
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Hydrema 906E / 908E / 926E / 928E Series Backhoe Loaders

Category: Backhoes
Manufacturer: Hydrema

Hydrema’s backhoe loaders have features and functions that mark them out from other machine brands. They are simply the most efficient and flexible combination machines on the market.


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