Hydrema Wheeled Excavators

MX14 / MX16 / MX18

Strength and precision
A dual-circuit electronically-controlled hydraulic system effectively adjusts the hydraulic power for any task.There is also a hydrostatic high pressure system for the swing function, which gives the machine superior swing precision and low fuel consumption.

Operating and adjusting
From the instrument panel, the operator can electronically adjust the optional hydraulic functions depending on the tools the machine is carrying and the oil flow and pressure required for the work.

Wide range
The excavator’s range, digging depth, and strike height are among the best, which underscores the series’ versatility and usability. The dipper is available in lengths of 2.0 meter, 2.5 meter or 3.0 meter.
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Hydrema Wheeled Excavators

Category: Wheeled Excavators
Manufacturer: Hydrema

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