Komatsu D155AX-7 Tier 4 Interim Engine Waste Handling Dozer

Komatsu D155 waste handing dozer

Tank Guard - 9 mm 0.35" thick guarding protects the sides and rear of the fuel and hydraulic tank group from damage and debris.
Chassis Seal Package - Additional sealing is added to the engine doors and chassis components to reduce the amount of debris entering the engine compartment.
Deflector Bars and Bolt Guards - Strategically placed on the side, bottom and front of the main frame, deflector bars and bolt guards help redirect debris away from components.
Front Striker Bars - Angled front striker bars are designed to prevent debris from riding up on the track sand damaging the chassis. The bolt-on design allows for easy servicing.
HD Counterweight with Rear Striker Bars - The 4115 kg 9,072 lb counterweight optimizes machine balance for landfill applications and has bolt-on rear striker bars. Removable plates allow adjustments to meet special applications. Rear striker bars are also available for machines equipped with rippers.
Net HP
354 HP @ 1900rpm
Operating Weight
91,515 lb
Blade Capacity
Sigmadozer 26.8 yd3 20.5 m3

Komatsu D155AX-7 Tier 4 Interim Engine Waste Handling Dozer

Category: Dozers
Manufacturer: Komatsu

The D155AX-7WH is a dozer that bridges the gap between contractor site prep dozers and large contractor production/mining dozers.


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