Komatsu D61EXi-24 Crawler Dozer

Komatsu D61pxi-24 dozer

Cab Top GNSS Antenna : No blade mounted GNSS antenna(s), cables to worry about damaging with cab top GNSS antenna. Reduced risk of theft due to low visibility as viewed from ground level.

Stroke Sensing Hydraulic Cylinders
Robust stroke sensing hydraulic cylinders employ proven Komatsu sensor technologies for accurate finish grade performance. Stroke sensing angle cylinder allows machine control system to know the angle of the blade.

Heavy-Duty Aftertreatment System: This new system combines a Komatsu Diesel Particulate Filter (KDPF) and Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR). The SCR NOx reduction system injects the correct amount of DEF at the proper rate, transforming NOx into non-toxic water (H2O) and nitrogen gas (N2).
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Komatsu D61EXi-24 Crawler Dozer

Category: Dozers
Manufacturer: Komatsu

The Komatsu D61EXi-24 dozer features Automated Blade Control, from Rough Dozing to Finish Grade. Straight to Grade.


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Komatsu D61pxi-24 dozer in action
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