Komatsu D65EX-18 Crawler Dozer

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A standard, heavy duty, air suspension, heated seat keeps the operator comfortable and productive. The hydrostatic steering system (HSS) and palm command control joysticks enable the operator to make smooth turns under full power. Other -18 model upgrades include more horsepower, better shift smoothness and engine response, and a standard, high-debris climate-control package.

Auto Idle Shutdown: Komatsu auto idle shutdown automatically shuts the engine down after idling for a set period of time to reduce unnecessary fuel consumption and exhaust emissions. The amount of time before the engine is shutdown can be easily programmed from 5 to 60 minutes.

Enhanced Transmission Shifting: Select automatic or manual gearshift modes to suit the work at hand, thanks to Tier 4 Final improvements made to the shifting logic. The D65-18 machine now offers faster, smoother shifting in automatic mode. The ability to disable the auto downshift feature from the monitor in the manual shift mode empowers operators who prefer blade load control and shifting from a true manual mode. Operators now have full downshift control from the manual mode.

Innovative SIGMADOZER®: Based on a completely new digging theory, SIGMADOZER® dramatically improves dozing performance and increases productivity. A new frontal design concept adopted for digging and rolling up at the center of the blade increases soil holding capacity and simultaneously reduces sideway spillage. Reduced digging resistance produces smoother flow of material, enabling the dozing of larger quantities of material with less power. In addition, adoption of a new blade linkage system holds the blade closer to the tractor for improved visibility, enhanced digging force and reduced lateral sway of the blade. This is the next generation of dozer blades.

Selectable Working Mode: Working mode P is the mode aiming for powerful operation and maximum production and mode E for general dozing applications with adequate speed and power while saving energy. For CO2 reduction and energy saving, the monitor panel allows for switching the working mode with ease, depending on the work at hand.

P mode (Power mode): With P mode, the engine outputs its full power, allowing the machine to perform the work requiring large production, heavy-load work, and uphill work.

E mode (Power mode): With E mode, the engine outputs enough power for the work without delivering unnecessary power. This mode allows for energy saving operation and is suitable for the work on a ground where the machine may cause shoe slip and the work not requiring large power such as downhill dozing, leveling and light-load work.
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Komatsu D65EX-18 Crawler Dozer

Category: Dozers
Manufacturer: Komatsu

The D65EX-18 delivers excellent production and economy while maintaining the legendary product quality you’ve come to expect from a Komatsu machine. The Komatsu exclusive SIGMADOZER® blade produces up to 15% more than a conventional Semi-U blade and the automatic transmission with lock-up torque converter can cut fuel costs by up to 10% versus a Tier 3 D65 model.


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