Komatsu PC240LC-10 Super Long Front Excavator (55′-60′ Reach)

The functions and operations are that of the standard excavator but with a wide variety of ditch cleaning and general purpose buckets for dredging, cleaning and sloping applications.

Large Digging Force - The PC240LC-10 Super Long Front excavator is equipped with the Power Max system. This function temporarily increases digging force for 8.5 seconds of operation.

Maximum arm crowd force (ISO):

121 kN (12.3 t) → 129 kN (13.2 t) 7 % UP

(with Power Max.)

Maximum bucket digging force (ISO):

159 kN (16.2 t) → 172 kN (17.5 t) 8 % UP

(with Power Max.)
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Komatsu PC240LC-10 Super Long Front Excavator (55′-60′ Reach)

Category: Excavators
Manufacturer: Komatsu

Add a super long front the super productive and stable PC240LC-10 excavator and you create an incredibly versatile machine with a huge working range.


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