Kubota KX033-4 Compact Excavator

Kubota KX033 excavator for sale at Pine Bush Equipment in NY

Extraordinary Stability and Lifting Capacity:With the stability and lifting capacity of a much bigger machine, the 3-ton class KX033-4 offers a level of performance to efficiently handle a wide variety of tough excavating jobs. An innovative counter balance ensures superior excavator stability, while the low center of gravity and doubleflanged lower track rollers deliver safe and efficient operation when working to the side with hydraulic attachments or lifting heaving objects.

Strong Bucket Breakout Force: When heavily loaded, the KX033-4’s outstanding bucket breakout force lets you handle even the toughest excavating jobs with speed and efficiency.

Hydraulic Angle Blade (Optional): Save time and work more efficiently. With a simple movement of the new thumb operated rocker switch on the dozer lever, the hydraulic angle blade can be angled to the right or left to push soil to the side as the machine moves forward, eliminating the need for repetitive repositioning at right angles when backfilling trenches.
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Kubota KX033-4 Compact Excavator

Category: Compact Excavators
Category: Excavators
Manufacturer: Kubota

Designed for efficiency, built for stability, and created for comfort, The new Kubota KX033-4 redefines the compact excavator.


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