Rockland Excavator Buckets

Rockland Excavator Buckets handle a wide variety of excavation applications, are available in any width, with teeth of your choice, and are made from high-strength alloy steel construction.

Coal Stripping- Rockland CS buckets are designed for one application - digging coal! This bucket cuts close and loads clean. Its high profile and wide stance increase excavator coal pit productivity. Don’t consider putting a machine in the pit without a Rockland CS Coal Stripping bucket. Shown with teeth and standard welded sidecutters.

Ditch Cleaning - Rockland DC buckets are wide and shallow to remove ditch sediment quickly and efficiently. Instead of cleaning ditches with a standard bucket, increase productivity by installing a Rockland DC bucket. DC buckets include drain holes. Bolt-on edges are standard.

Heavy Duty - Rockland excavator buckets are your best bet. Heavy-duty torque tube delivers maximum strength and eliminates corner cracks and top beam failures. Rockland Heavy-Duty Excavator Buckets are guaranteed against failure due to defective design, materials, or workmanship for a period of one year or 2,000 hours.)

Krypto Klaw - Krypto Klaw® does it all on tough demolition and land clearing jobs where strength and versatility are required. The wide, heavy-duty Krypto Klaw® clamp delivers more clamping force in all positions than any bucket thumb. The Krypto Klaw® outperforms bucket thumbs because operators can use 100% of the excavator’s reach - an important benefit for demolition - and many other jobs where reach and grip are important. Dig, rip, grip, pull, and then load all with the same tough tool!

Pavement Removal - Pavement removal demands a special bucket. Rockland PR Pavement Removal buckets are designed to get under pavement easily, maximizing the hydraulic forces available on today’s modern excavators. The unique, C-type profile speeds the removal of broken concrete and pavement slabs.

Rock ripping - Rock ripping buckets are designed for just that - ripping rock. With its modified spade-nose lip and three staggered teeth, this bucket achieves maximum penetration on every cut. The welded ripper shanks optimize ripping action as the machine applies full break-out to every shank. Includes built-in AR400 sidecutters and a full body wear plate.

Rock Tine - Rockland ERT Rock Tine Buckets get the job done, whether the application is combing out large rocks or loading to a minimum size. The ERT bucket is designed to load only what you need. Rockland ERT Rock Tine Buckets are available with virtually any tine spacing required, and can be equipped with any tooth system required. Spec it out your way for your particular job.

Severe Service - Built tough for rock work. Available in a variety of widths and the teeth of your choice. Heavier than the heavy-duty buckets - they don't come any tougher!

Tilt - TL Tilt Buckets really increase productivity because they provide up to 45 degrees slope left or right. When sloping, trenching, grading, or ditch cleaning, control is fast and positive so you get the right slope on the first cut. TL Tilt Buckets are available in a wide variety of widths and sizes to suit any application and they are designed to match the performance capabilities of your excavator. Bolt-on edges are supplied with the bucket.

Trapezoid - TZ Trapezoid buckets are a must for ditching contractors. They shape the ditch every pass and eliminate wasted digging cycles. Rockland TZ buckets are available in virtually any width and slope angle required.

V-Bottom - The Rockland V-Bottom/Frost bucket is the perfect bucket for utility excavation in tightly-packed, frozen or rocky soils. Constructed of AR400 light weight, high-strength, abrasion-resistant alloy steel. This bucket’s special teeth and adapters with points enhance digging performance, making it the ideal bucket for frozen earth, caliche, limestone or other fracturable shalelike rock.

Heavy Duty Excavator Bucket Model EB20 - For 15,001 - 25,000 lb. Excavators

Width (") 18 24 30 36 42

Heavy Duty Excavator Bucket Model EB30 - For 25,001 - 33,000 lb. Excavators

Width (") 18 24 30 36 42 48

Heavy Duty Excavator Bucket Model EB35 - For 33,001 - 40,000 lb. Excavators

Width (") 18 24 30 36 42 48

Heavy Duty Excavator Bucket Model EB40 - For 40,001 - 52,000 lb. Excavators

Width (") 18 24 30 36 42 48 54

Heavy Duty Excavator Bucket Model EB55 - For 52,001 - 70,000 lb. Excavators

Width (") 18 24 30 36 42 48 54

Heavy Duty Excavator Bucket Model EB70 - For 70,001 - 90,000 lb. Excavators

Width (") 24 30 36 42 48 54 60 60 66 66 72 72

Heavy Duty Excavator Bucket Model EB100 - For 90,001-110,000 lb. Excavators

Width (") 30 36 42 48 54 60 60 66 66 72 72 78 78

Rockland Excavator Buckets

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Manufacturer: Rockland

Rockland excavator buckets are your best bet. Reinforced at all critical areas for long life and maximum productivity. All Rockland Excavator Buckets are supplied with your favorite brand of teeth & shanks.


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