Saws for Concrete, Masonry & Tile

Norton Clipper offers a range of walk-behind saws, whether it be a lightweight design for the general contractor doing patch work, or a heavy-duty diesel for the professional doing a new sub-division development. Our flat saws cut everything from runways to driveways and anything in between. The designs are set for high production and ease of maintenance. Chose self-propelled or push.

To ensure the perfect cut through masonry, it's imperative the equipment meet the material need. That's why we invented and continue to refine the Norton Clipper masonry saw line to ensure our "block buster" status delivers on the job. Rugged frame resists twisting and the large blade capacity balance with the cutting head to provide effortless cutting depth positioning.

Contractors never have to worry about poor starts, wrong fuel mixes, choking, or clogged filters with the Norton Clipper high-speed saw. Our saws are built with raw, rugged power that truly delivers. You can have ordinary or you can have a cut above in performance with Norton Clipper.
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Saws for Concrete, Masonry & Tile

Category: Saws
Manufacturer: Norton

Whether you are a contractor, tile professional or a do-it-yourselfer, we have the saw you need. Powerful, lightweight and ease of transportation. Simple designs with a lot of cutting power.