Timberwolf Log Splitters

Let’s start by reviewing the major differences between a Timberwolf splitter and “the other guy”.

We only use Commercial Honda engines on all of our splitters and conveyors. Our frames are precision cut and hand welded in our factory in Rutland, Vermont We use larger hydraulic reservoirs which reduce heat buildup and extends the life of the machine We are the only company to offer our unique back-saving options like the multi wedges, log lifts and table grates. Multi-split wedges SIGNIFICANTLY reduce the time needed to get the job done.
We are the only manufacturer that uses 12” tall wedges on all of our full sized splitters. The ability to split larger logs means increased production and less work.
Choosing the right machine can depend on a number of things, but over the years, we’ve learned it really comes down to two things…

How much wood do you want to split?
How fast do you want to split it?

The TW-2HD wood splitter is a commercial unit with rugged components and reliable Honda OHV GX series engine for heavy use. Options for this model include hydraulic components such as log lift and wedge lift for easier splitting of larger logs.

TW-5 Log Splitter
Our most popular commercial unit, available in 36” and 48” lengths — delivers 25 tons of splitting force, with a reliable Honda GX Series engine, and 2 stage pump — an industry standard built for maximum speed and productivity. Shown with optional hydraulic log lift, six-way wedge and table grate.

Also available - TW-5FC (Fast Cycle)
6 second cycle time with 20 tons of splitting force. Available in 24" x 4" x 2" cylinder. 6 way wedge n/a for TW-5FC.

The TW-6 log splitter is built for speed and power to ensure maximum commercial firewood production. This model is great for those large, hard to split chunks. Shown with optional log lift and table grate.
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Timberwolf Log Splitters

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Timberwolf's log splitters are made to be incredibly durable and built to last a lifetime. Each is assembled and welded by hand, ensuring the highest quality possible, and we offer a wide variety of models to suit ever need; from homesteading to commercial use.