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Komatsu America Corp. Adapting Dozers to Make Them More Versatile, Productive

Komatsu America offers radio control on the D155AXi-8. Sebastian Witkowski, Komatsu Intelligent Machine Controls product marketing manager, emphasizes the role electronics and hydraulics play in making remote control possible. “Much of dozer efficiency and productivity has relied on operator instincts,” he says. “Removing the operator means losing that sensitivity. Machine control has replaced the responses of an experienced operator by monitoring and adjusting for such things as track slip.”

Is remote control a prelude to the intelligent site? It’s already happening. Komatsu announced its Smart Construction service in Japan in 2015, and its remote-capable dozers are part of that automated jobsite service.

Jonathan Tolomeo, Komatsu dozer product marketing manager, says a third blade mode has been added to their Tier 4 Final machines. This “fast” mode coordinates blade action to travel speed, and both characteristics can be adjusted by the operator. Other electronically controlled features include auto idle shutdown; a diesel exhaust fluid monitor with visual and audible alerts for low levels; and up to 100 ID codes, which can be assigned to operators, jobs or any other aspect of machine use the customer wants to independently track.

Charles “Chuck” Murawski, also a dozer product marketing manager with Komatsu, says a faster computer processor provides smoother blade control at higher ground speeds. “This is important because operators want to finish grade in second and even third gear.”

Telematics are gaining acceptance, and manufacturers are starting to tweak their telematics in response to increased customer demand.

Excerpt source: Equipment World Staff | July 10, 2017