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Pine Bush Equipment Hosts Networking Dinner

Networking dinner

PBE Komatsu Smart Construction Group TSE Robert Light and Komatsu Smart Construction Manager Kevin Schoelkopf recently hosted a networking dinner with owners of Komatsu Intelligent Machine Control excavators and dozers. Rob assists our business partners with their new Komatsu Integrated Machine Control equipment.

A Komatsu TSE (Technology Solutions Expert) will arrange for a demonstration of a GPS/GNSS factory-ready machine and hardware (base stations, rovers, etc.), set up your first jobsite, and get training for your operators. Rob can also help you with trouble shooting, give you recommendations for best practices, get your site plans digitized for import into the machine monitors and even get an aerial survey of your site using drones. Rob says “Komatsu is here for you to help manage your projects from start to finish, from the day you receive your bid approval, to surveying, to selecting the right integrated machines for your job. Droning for volumes reviews, cut and fill corrections and hard data for getting paid on things that might have been uninspected from the original bid. Being there right down to final grade, for even planting grass.”
Thanks to all who attended, it was the perfect opportunity for our business partners to share their ideas and experiences about the future of Smart Construction.