Komatsu WA470-8 Wheel Loader Rental

The WA470-8 provides Komatsu SmartLoader Logic, an engine control system. This technology creates enough torque for each work phase. For example, engine torque needs are higher for digging in V-shape loading, but less when driving with an empty bucket. This system optimizes the engine torque for all applications to minimize fuel consumption. Komatsu SmartLoader Logic functions automatically and does not interfere with operation, saving fuel without decreasing production.

Large-Capacity Torque Converter: The Komatsu designed power train has a large capacity torque converter for optimum efficiency. The WA470-8 has greater productivity in V-shape loading applications because the increased tractive effort does not require full throttle. The improved hill climbing ability allows the WA470-8 to up-shift gears faster because of improved acceleration. The WA470-8 can achieve higher gear ranges and maintain higher travel speed when working in load-and-carry applications. In most applications, production is increased and fuel consumption is reduced, resulting in improved fuel efficiency.

Enhanced Lock-Up: The Komatsu designed torque converter with lock-up is standard on the WA470-8. The lock-up function activates in 2nd, 3rd and 4th gears. The lock-up torque converter is effective for both load and carry application and V-shape loading which uses lower gears. Komatsu SmartLoader Logic reduces the clutch engagement shock of lock-up by controlling engine torque. The lock-up torque converter combined with Komatsu SmartLoader Logic results in low fuel consumption and high travel speeds in load and carry and even some V-cycle loading applications.
272 hp @2000 rpm
53,3532 - 55,579 LB
5.0 - 5.8 YD

Komatsu WA470-8 Wheel Loader Rental

Manufacturer: Komatsu

The WA470-8 offers an outstanding combination of stability, break out power and tractive effort. A new Tier 4 Final engine and enhanced controller logic improve performance and fuel efficiency. The comfortable and quiet cab includes a new air suspension, heavy duty, high back, heated seat with integrated controls. The 7 inch, full color monitor and separate full color rear view monitor allow the operator to effortlessly monitor key information.