Advances for Tires in Construction Equipment 

Komatsu WA200-7 Wheel Loader for rent at Pine Bush Equipment in Putnam County NY

As construction equipment has grown in the last couple of decades, in terms of size, power, weight and speed, so too has the need for off-the-road (OTR) tires that can keep up with the increased demand. “Tire manufacturers have developed more enhanced compounds and design characteristics to adapt to a jobsite’s specific environment,” explains Johni […]

KOMTRAX Telematics is the Answer to Reduce Costs Per Job

By now, most of us have heard a story about someone’s machine being stolen from a job site, only to be retrieved through a telematics app on a phone. Telematics to the rescue! Twenty-five years ago, technology of that sort was the stuff of legend or science fiction.  Today, it’s a reality, and telematics and […]

Komatsu’s Ties To SR (Switched Reluctance) Technology

Hybrid Electric Drive, specifically SR (Switched Reluctance) technology, is generating a lot of buzz. It’s easy to see why, after all, there’s a reason why all the major players in the industry did their research and decided to focus on SR electric drive. But Komatsu’s history with the technology goes back much further than that. […]

Make Room for Millennials on the Construction Jobsite

Construction has often been considered one of the last industries to embrace technology. That is starting to change, however, as construction companies look for new ways to change the mindset of those working at the jobsite. Enter the younger generation, otherwise known as Millennials. They have grown up with apps and solutions to solve just […]

The Worker Shortage Challenge: 5 Labor-Related Risks that Would Arise from Infrastructure Legislation


The moment President Donald Trump released his proposal for a $1.5 trillion infrastructure plan, it left many legislators on both sides of the aisle with plenty of questions to answer. The most common among them, which we have addressed in a number of articles over the past couple months, is how state and local governments […]

FMI Corporation predicts that total engineering and construction spending in 2018 will increase 7%

FMI Releases FMI Construction Outlook 2018, First Quarter Report RALEIGH, N.C. – March 27, 2018. FMI Corporation, the leading provider of management consulting and investment banking services to engineering and construction, infrastructure and the built environment, is pleased to announce the release of its 2018 first quarter construction outlook. The publication offers comprehensive construction forecasts […]


Komatsu Americas HQ chicago

Open, collaborative work spaces, plus better access to O’Hare, public transportation and Chicagoland’s diverse talent pool all cited as leading factors in the decision Rolling Meadows, Ill., April 09, 2018 – Komatsu America Corp., a leading global heavy equipment manufacturer, today announced plans to move company headquarters to Chicago, IL in 2020. The new site at […]

Tips for Protecting Your Construction Business from Cyber Attacks

Cybersecurity should be of utmost importance to the construction marketplace. Today, mobile platforms are very much integrated into how construction professionals perform jobs. At the same time, more and more connected technologies are present in the workplace and at the jobsite. For construction, this technology is also becoming more integrated into heavy equipment as well, […]

Industry Leading Komatsu Care Program Celebrates 100,000th Service Interval

Rolling Meadows, Ill., March 22, 2018 – Komatsu America Corp., a leading global heavy equipment manufacturer, and its distributor, Komatsu Northeast, today announced the completion of Komatsu CARE’s 100,000th service interval. Komatsu America pioneered complimentary maintenance for Tier 4 machines in the construction industry with the launch of Komatsu CARE in 2011. The 100,000th interval was […]

Construction Industry Insiders Reveal Hottest Technologies for 2018

Technology—from tablets, to drones, to lasers—is changing how work is done in construction. The data gathered at the jobsite can help make more informed decisions, improving productivity, safety and the bottom line. Specifically looking at devices such as phones and tablets, Gartner says worldwide device shipments will increase 2.1 percent in 2018, with two markets expected to grow […]


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